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USA Top 350-in-1

  • Product Features

    For the largest variety of PURE CLASSIC arcade video game fun, there is no comparable system.

    You, your kids, and everyone in your family can play and love these games.

    100% Family Friendly!

Ultra 2500-in-1



  • Classic Midway Games
  • Classic Restorations
  • Galaga
  • Ms. Pac-Man

    Without question, the most popular and most beautiful of all classic arcade video games are the 1980's Midway creations.

    And, all were built using just a single cabinet style:

    ~ Bosconian
    ~ Burger Time
    ~ Galaga
    ~ Galaxian
    ~ Gaplus
    ~ Mappy
    ~ Ms. Pac-Man
    ~ Pac-Man
    ~ Pac-Man Plus
    ~ Rally-X
    ~ Super Pac-Man

    Whatever your Midway need, we can do it.



  • Custom Built Multicades

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Established 1984

  • Ace Amusements is celebrating 36 years in the arcade video game business.


    With 36 years in the business, we are classic arcade video game specialists.

    Our classic multi game creations are uniquely and only ours.

    Check out our Multicades - you will be delighted and amazed!

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White Glove

  • Furniture handling with inside delivery.

    Your new machine lovingly and carefully shipped and placed right where you want.

    Available locally and in most states. Ask for quote.

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    Ace Amusements has earned eBay PowerSeller status:

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Ace Advantage

We Are America To Antarctica

  • You will find our machines in game rooms and man caves all across this land.

    And, in places all across the globe - Canada, South America, Europe, Japan, Africa, and even, Antarctica.

    We are very proud to have furnished our machines for these notable enterprises, too:

  • Arlington Santa Cop


  • Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • National Science Foundation


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