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New Option

New Machines

  • (1) World Record Ready Donkey Kong

    This Donkey Kong features all original components, like new refurbished cabinet, and near pristine overall condition.

    Every detail has been professionally attended to assure this machine is ready for the rigors of a world record challenge.

  • (2) Cabaret Multicade

    A new smaller size upright arcade video multicade.

    The cabinet style is similar to a classic Midway cabinet, just a bit smaller.

    Our new Cabaret Multicade is perfect for smaller rooms, tight spaces, and just right for kids of any age.

  • (3) Ultra Edition Cocktail

    A new 2500-in-1 cocktail table multicade.

    Play all the classics like Donkey Kong as the screen flips end-to-end between players.

    And, play competition classics like Street Fighter, and trackball classics like Missile Command, with side mounted controls.


Arcade Classics

  • Features
  • Prices & Options

    The arcade classics vertical games multicade system is one of the most popular.

    Fun family favorites that never die in popularity.

USA Top 300

  • Features

    For pure classic arcade video game fun, there is no comparable system.

    You and everyone in your family can play and love these games.

Ultra Edition 2500


For Rent



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Christmas 2014

  • The Christmas buying season is already well underway.

    And, we are just about sold out for multicade orders to be shipped for Christmas.

    That means, if you want to give one of our custom multicades as a Christmas present and it has to be shipped, you have only a matter days or less left to place your order.


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    Click the Q&A link for answers to all of your questions about your Ace Amusements purchase.

Contact Us:

  • Phone.......817-516-9766

    Toll Free...877-242-7750


    Mail -
    Ace Amusements
    P.O.B. 172202
    Arlington, Texas 76003

eBay Store

  • AceAmusements

    Check out our eBay store:

    ~ Classic arcade machines
    ~ Classic arcade parts
    ~ Classic arcade everything

    It is like a trip back in time to your favorite 1980's arcade.

    Ace Amusements has earned eBay PowerSeller status:

    ~ 100% Positive feedback
    ~ High service level
    ~ Significant volume
    ~ Longtime member - 2006


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    No one else offers our diversity of custom multicade machines or diversity of classic arcade machine restoration.

    No one else offers our range of options or choices of finish.

    And, no one comes close to our low prices.

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  • Celebrating 30 years in the arcade video game business!


  • #1 Industry Warranty:

    ~All Components 2-Year
    ~Game Circuit Board 5-Year
    ~Lifetime Tech Support
    ~All Brand New Components


Our Guarantee

  • We strive for excellence in product creation and customer service.


White Glove

  • Inside delivery available.

    Your new machine lovingly carefully placed right where you want.

    Available locally and in some states.

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