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New Multicades

Craigslist Ads

  • Shortcut To Many Machines

    We list examples of many of our custom multicade machines and classic originals on Craigslist.

    Click the link and take a look.

    You will be amazed at all the possibilities for ownership of the arcade games you have always wanted.

Budget Pricing

  • Multicades From $1095

    Own the classic arcade video multi game machine you want,

    That plays the games you want,

    Outfitted with the extras you want, and

    All at the price you want.


Select A Cabinet

  • Eleven Styles To Choose

    Select the style cabinet to suit your tastes, match your decor, and fit right where you want.

    Our selection is complete, we build them all - stand-up or sit-down, classic or competition, large or small.

Arcade Classics

  • Features

    For fun family favorites, the arcade classics multicade system is the most popular.

USA Top 300-in-1

  • Features

    For the largest variety of pure classic arcade video game fun, there is no comparable system.

    You and everyone in your family can play and love these games.

Ultra 2500-in-1

Games For Sale

  • Arcade Video Games

    We have lots of classic arcade video game machines:

    ~ Used and new.

    ~ Rare and common.

    ~ Single and multi game.

    ~ Working and non-working.

    ~ Parts, manuals, and pcbs.

    ~ Buy, sell, and trade.


  • Multi Game Systems

    Today, there are so many different arcade video multi game systems that the subject has become confusing.

    Here then, is our solution: a Multicade Systems Encyclopedia.

    Our encyclopedic resource attempts to describe every arcade video multi game system ever made.


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Free Upgrade

  • Super Limited Time Offer

    Order a classics multi game machine...

    Sit down or stand up cabinet...

    Upgrade from our standard games pack...

    To a 200+ games pack or to our huge 400+ games pack...

    No extra charge!

    Act now. Ends soon.

Only 50% Down

  • How To Custom Order

    Ordering your custom arcade video game machine is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

    Click the link to learn all about each simple step.


  • Questions and Answers

    Find answers to every question about your Ace Amusements purchase:

    ~ About us
    ~ Ordering
    ~ Paying
    ~ Shipping
    ~ Warranty
    ~ Referrals
    ~ And, Much More

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  • Ace Amusements -

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  • #1 Multicade Warranty:

    ~New Components 2-Year
    ~Multicade System 5-Year
    ~Lifetime Tech Support


Our Guarantee

  • We strive for excellence in product creation and customer service.


White Glove

  • Inside delivery available.

    Your new machine lovingly and carefully placed right where you want.

    Available locally and in some states.


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  • AceAmusements

    Ace Amusements has earned eBay PowerSeller status:

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    ~ Longtime member - 2006


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